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 About Eupterra Foundation
about eupterra foundation

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I feel like we already know each other 🙂  You want to eat healthy, get fit, be less sick, and incorporate a lot of things “all natural” to your life.  You love feeling wholesome not just in your food, but in your lifestyle and home as well.  You are a big proponent of having wellness in body, mind, and soul.  You also feel concerned about the world around you – problems accumulating around our planet, news of dwindling supplies of fresh water and honeybee hives collapsing glance through your mind.

Welcome to the Foundation, we all feel the same here!  Consider me a fellow friend who like you is concerned about natural wellness not just for ourselves, but in our whole world as well.  I just happen to be a Biologist who can write about these kinds of things and prevent people from falling for “get well” hoaxes that aren’t based on real evidence to work.  A fellow “eupterraen” if we shall so say…

I believe in the environment, and I don’t believe that consumerism must be at odds with it.  I promote natural wellness, and write about both methods and research to back up what really works (and what doesn’t!).  I talk about yoga, not only as a holistic routine and exercise, but as a lifestyle, too.  We need to learn and teach that our lives in an industrialized society can be naturally harmonious!

We know that you wish the world around you were cleaner, you were free of health problems, and that you can live well because affordable folk medicine remedies actually helped out.  What you need are exact steps, explanations, and research to back up what is shown to you to provide knowledge for what you can do for yourself, your family, and others that will help everyone live healthier, and by doing so become wealthier – which at the end of the day sounds pretty wise.

At Eupterra the blog, you will see me talk about nutrition, exercise, and what is or isn’t a good idea to do in order to “get healthy”.  You will also see me reference and date many professional works cited for their background in both modern and ethnomedical studies, backing up this information and methods.  We also talk a great deal about turning our world around by developing sustainable “environmentally friendly” industry and changing our techniques to in essence “harvest pollution and invasive species” and turn them into our consumer products rather than the dwindling natural resources around us.  If every company committed to such protocol, imagine how much cleaner and less damaged our world would be – and our health for that matter?

In our Foundation, we have taken this goal of “industrial environmentalism” seriously. Check out our eco-aroma store Eupterrae for more on how we strive to do just that.  Starting in 2016, we have taken steps to work with manufacturing plants in the U.S. to produce gift boxes out of North American invasive plant species fiber.  Using these methods, we will be putting a sizable dent in invasive species populations and help conservation teams finally see a winning tide for once.  Nothing drives a species geographically extinct faster than a factory, eh?  Every pendant purchased is another step toward revitalization.Eupterra Foundation hippogryph logo

The reason I founded Eupterra, pronounced (Yoo-p Tehrr-ah), Foundation in 2014 was originally to be an ethnobiology blog, where I recorded research from various studies of mine and put them out there for people to learn from.  I chose it’s symbol to be the Hippogryph (a mythical creature symbolizing the impossible as it was the offspring of gryphons and mares – two natural enemies in fantasy tales) to represent my wish and goal of helping our civilization’s industry change to no longer be a bane to nature.

After listening to all of you (a big thanks to my readers!), I have found that talking about how we can directly change our lives for the better by adopting some timeless holistic traditions, analyzing proven research, and finding directly applicable natural solutions to health and nutrition are what is really needed now. People are literally dying for real natural health answers, and we aim to deliver!

For more background on what is naturopathy, medical anthropology, and ethnobiology, click on one of the below for more info:


st. lucia caribbean antilles

visiting St. Lucia in all its tropical splendor, in the lesser Antilles of the Caribbean where I did so much of my ethnobiological studies.

If you have questions over any natural products, therapies, or wish to connect – simply leave your comment below or e-mail.  Make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with “herbaceous” new finds and information I come across that I hope you find fulfilling if not captivating.

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Every day it seems, you hear terrible news.

Diabetes is on the rise, heart disease and cancer don’t seem to be going anywhere, and obesity and stress seem more normal than American Pie.

All the while climate change is wreaking havoc on cities, we are literally running out of everything imaginable on this planet, and our population is way way over the carrying capacity our scientists predict the Earth can handle.  To top it all off, there might just not be honey to put on honey nut cheerios soon too at the rate bees are dying.

When you listen to people talk, it feels like all you hear as a message about our future is gloom and doom.

Well, I don’t think it has to be that way.

Natural wellness and environmentalism need not be at odds with consumerism and industry.  The very thing that got us into this mess of widespread illness and eco-crises’ across the planet may just get us out of it.  Industrialization can be transformed from being a bane to a solution for our world’s natural resource and medical problems to still meet our civilization’s needs.  We only need to grasp with knowledge and technology what our imaginations can provide.

Together, let us effectively and permanently solve these problems and make our world healthier, wealthier, and more wise!




Charlene A. Rountree (aka Eupterraen)

Crafty Naturopathy, Industrial Environmentalism

Founder of Eupterra Foundation
email: eupterraen@eupterrafoundation.com