About Eupterra Foundation

 About Eupterra Foundation

charlene a rountree

at home in the American Midwest

Hello everyone,

my name is Charlene and I have had a passion for the natural sciences since kindergarten, well… maybe even prior to that, too 😉

A bit of history…

Being born in Miami, Fl, I grew up as a kid seeing lots of wetland, oceanic, and tropical critters and spent a bunch of time having fun catching lizards, frogs, and crab spiders around my parent’s pool.  As I got older, my family moved to the Midwest and settled in central Indiana, where I got to learn more about the American farming country and the many Native American cultures that lived here during the pioneering days.

Growing up, I developed a love for biology and the ethnic sciences, and learned about them extensively.  I looked through the works and influences of National Geographic, Sierra Club, the National Audubon Society, Conservation International, and even our local farmer’s market. Through this, I saw at an early age what many in these groups and vocations acknowledged: mankind’s interconnection with the natural world and the direct consequences of this physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As time would go on, I began to see more of how we could mutually benefit from a good understanding of ourselves and our own “habitat”. Throughout my studies attending both Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, the fields of ethnobiology, medicine, medical anthropology, and environmental sustainability showed an increasing need.  For instance, in the field of medicine, testing the efficacy of conserved knowledge still held in traditional medical practices and how they may offer insight into bettering our modern practices is an example of one way we are beginning to explore methods that may be more financially frugal as well as less harmful in the form of side effects to the body, and long-term issues to the environment.  Essentially, what would be known as medical anthropology.

From this I formed the belief that through an organized accumulation of already held knowledge, we could solve so many difficult or commonly believed “impossible” problems, man-made or otherwise, through natural methods or synthesized technology that worked harmoniously with it. Slowly, but surely, the idea for a foundation formed, a place where these bits of information and ideas converged for everyone to have ready access to in order to help advance their fields, their studies, our daily lives and overall well-being.

A place that would serve to honor and promote one “true” Terra, a unified foundation placing its focus on solving humanity’s problems one long-lasting natural method at a time through an understanding of ourselves, our environment, and our relationships going both ways.

Onto Eupterra…

Eupterra Foundation hippogryph logo

The reason I created Eupterra, pronounced (Yoo-p Tehrr-ah), Foundation was to help folks have a central resource for information regarding tidbits of what our natural world has to offer us, especially in the healthy living department.  A place where knowledge passed down or re-discovered that we gained from generations ago can be used to benefit us now in ways we sometimes could barely imagine. I also wanted it to be a place that brings awareness to organizations like Aveda, Distant Village, The International Society for Ethnobiology, and Society for Medical Anthropology, who are all furthering our knowledge and society’s sustainability.

For more on what is naturopathy, medical anthropology, and ethnobiology, click on one of the below for further information:

For those who like to travel from the seat of their chairs, I also thought a collection of cultural articles displaying the diversity of our world’s heritage would be good to share.


~One side note, I also like quoting and making reference to favorite gaming series of mine.  So this site may have many of these sci-fi fantasy genre’s Easter Eggs.~

st. lucia caribbean antilles

visiting St. Lucia in all its tropical splendor, in the lesser Antilles of the Caribbean where I did so much of my ethnobiological studies.

Feel free to get involved throughout the site. I love to talk about the various properties of food,  ayurvedic medicine, and tips for a beautiful natural life. Sharing your ideas and feedback is most welcome!

If you have questions over any natural products, therapies, or rituals you have tried, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with “herbaceous” ideas and information that I come across that I hope you may find fulfilling and captivating.

Also, come over and visit our Eupterrae store for Eupterra Foundation brand essential oil diffuser lockets as well as leather aroma gear! We hope you find one that is meaningful.


Wishing you all the best in life, as that itself is a formidable natural journey.

I shall fear no evil, for I am fear incarnate.” — Captain Gabriel Angelos (Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War)




Charlene A. Rountree

Researching the past for a healthier more sustainable future.

Founder of Eupterra Foundation
email: eupterraen@eupterrafoundation.com