Oil List

a compendium of each and every essential oil and a description on each



Essential Oils A-Z

Essential Oils A-Z

There are over a hundred stand-alone essential oils out there, derived from a plethora of flowers, roots, and herbs.  Knowing about and keeping tabs on the scents, uses, and qualities of each can be a bit much.

Below, I’ve put together a list of 100 essential oils organized in alphabetical order with their taxonomic name, a description, suggestions on use, and even some metaphysical and elemental properties on each.  Much of this information can be found from established and accredited sites such as and, and of course the ubiquitous Wikipedia.



Aromatherapy can be used to benefit many different things.  Whether it be to help with cuts, deal with skin problems like acne or scars, smell fragrant, help feel calm, treat pets, or even more serious avenues like healing eye strain or even some of the most deadliest diseases: cancer.  The poignancy of plants never fails to help in our lives.  It is highly encouraged that you try these out, and find which ones best fit yourselves.  Hope this somehow benefits you, and let me know if I missed any or need to add to my list.  Enjoy!

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