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For the Yogi

For the Yogi


Four Noble Truths & An Enlightened Way of Life

Homœostasis – in the human body is the process in which our bodies regulate all our systems to keeping within a certain threshold despite all the variables thrown at us by life.

Our emotional side is not much different than our physical in that when we stray away from “the middle path” of balance, we can get very frustrated – even exasperated – frequently or all the time.

Maybe this is why we have such an appeal toward day spas 😉

In our modern world, with all its information technology, high demands, and multi-tasking regularity, it is easy to lose touch with our inner self, which causes us to lose balance.  The Buddha, Siddhārtha Gautama, once taught of the great prize gained by following “the middle path” and living a life of balance.  Well, in tribute to these age-old teachings, here is a compilation of articles we wrote on Buddhism, yoga, and following the Middle Path.

This section is devoted to the history, teachings, and ethics of Buddhism, as well as articles circling the theme of mindfulness that can help us be part of the source of peace and serenity in a universe called Chaos.

Article Collection

On the topic of Buddhism, Yoga, and The Middle Path

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