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Herblore – A How-To Guide on Herbs


drying herbs


Herbalism – also known as herbology or the practice of herbal medicine is the use of plants for nutritional and medicinal purposes, and the study of botany for such use. Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through millenia of human history, and such traditional medicine is still widely practiced today.

Below is a collection of lore put together on various herbs that I have worked with and collected throughout my ethnobotanical career.  Feel free to learn, browse, and explore!


Growing herbs in your garden or outdoor terrace is a great way to have fresh ingredients to work with in recipes or as a remedy to help alleviate an illness on hand.  It is good to remember, fresh herbs are much more potent than dried ones.  However, hanging your herbs to dry helps preserve them for use and in storage for many more months to come, which is handy!

Want to feel more connected to your food and the seasonal cycles of the Earth? Check out this short video on how to plant a culinary herb garden by Food Wishes!  This is a great way to incorporate gardening for the everyday foodie:

Also, there is no harm in letting your herbs grow wild and create aromatic and magical Fairy Gardens.  This, and the herbs you grow will provide a diverse diet of year-round sustenance for butterflies, bees, and other small insects that need a variety of plants to feed off of in order to thrive throughout their native regions.

Want to learn more about ethnobotany and ethnomedicine?  Read-up on the basis of these studies here on our article on Ethnobiology.  At Eupterra Foundation, we talk about ethno-studies a lot.  It is in these types of research fields that biologists and other science professions look at our world and our environment through the perspective of relationships between people, plants, animals, and the many interconnected facets in between.

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