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Here is a collection of knowledge regarding the practice of Hoodoo Traditions, also known as American folk spirituality and magic.  Specifically, many of these compiled posts will be showcasing teachings and examples by reader, spell caster, and spiritual worker Ms. Avi from her page called Hoodoo Delish.  Many of these will include renditions and recommendations based on my own take on trying it out for myself.  Feel free to say “hi” to her on Facebook!

The idea behind hoodoo is not only to embrace a greater interconnection with the earth in your spiritual practice by incorporating nature into your rituals, but also the fundamental belief that we are not bound by fear of man, fate, or karma. We are the everyday makers of our own destiny in life, love, and prosperity.



Using ingredients and tools found in your kitchen, around your home, or in general fairly easily acquired; hoodoo is the “everyday” kind of magic.  The concepts and teachings can be applied to just about every circumstance in life and enhance your spiritual outlook.  Of course, Ms. Avi is really great at making her work look pretty!  Enjoy all the recipes and feel welcome to let me know what variations on each craft you all come up with.

Want to hear from Ms. Avi about her journey into hoodoo and story?  Listen below:

Tell us what you think and how you use hoodoo traditions in your life!  Visit Hoodoo Delish on Youtube and join the conversation.

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